the vagabond sessions

Embracing the fleeting concept of scenic improvisation, the Vagabond Sessions is an underground comedy show popping up every-other week in a new venue. This showcase features local and guest comedians at the top of their game, striking out on stage with new and innovative works.

Each session consists of three segments:

AD Showcase

Evenings open with a new or existing work developed by and/or featuring Figment’s Artistic Director, Maggy Keegan.

Featured Guest

Special guest comedians are invited to debut their new works on stage, with the potential for emerging concepts to be developed into ongoing seasonal programming.

The Table

It’s a fast-paced, smart and uproarious dissection of monologues when an assortment of some of Philadelphia’s brightest comedians bring their skills to the table.

Featuring: Alex Newman, Alli Soowal, Andrew Stanton, Brian Rumble, Chris Calletta, Corin Wells, Dan Corkery, Emily Davis, Frank Farrell, Jessica Ross, Kait Thompson, Kristin Finger, Luke Field, Matt Akana, Max Sittenfield & Steve Swan


Locations for shows are kept under wraps until the week of each show. To get hints on upcoming venues, pick up the trail on Twitter @figmenttheater #vagabond