john hughes high

Adapted from a concept originally developed by Elyse Schuerman for a short-run showcase at ImprovBoston, Figment has tapped over 20 improvisers for this expanded serialized show. Over the next 12 months, these improvisers will create the students, educators and parents that inhabit the fictional world of Shermer, NJ and John Hughes High from 1987-1988.

Inspired by Hughes’ classics and other iconic coming-of-age teen comedies of the 80’s, each improviser will embody a single character, and chronicle this new world which they will create together. Part celluloid tribute, part comedic social commentary – JHH aims to highlight teen life through the nostalgic lens of the decade of excess and glamour, while showing how very little changes about growing up and moving on.

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Bianca Long, the Head Cheerleader
– Kelly Vrooman

Brittney Callahan, the Cruel Cheerleader
– Rachel Whitworth

Conrad Bloom, the Sensitive Rich Boy 
– Brian Ratcliffe

Lance Gay, the Bully Quarterback
– Joe Sabatino

Lanie Moliere, the Promiscuous Cheerleader
– Caroline Rhoads

Preston Meade, the Elitist Jerk
– Dan Corkery

Randy “Ox” Bison, the Party Animal
– Frank Farrell


Andie Barber, the Overlooked Tomboy
– Sue Taney

Jake Fuller, the Criminal Burnout
– Alex Newman

Katy Martin, the Introverted Basketcase
– Erin Pitts

Lucy Campbell, the Band Geek
– Kristin Finger

Mitch Green, the Plucky Dork
– Max Sittenfield


Allison Green-Thomas, the Pop Fashionista
– Jessica Snow

Brennan Mauer, the Smooth Trickster
– Chris Calletta

Casey Jones, the Bookish Poor Girl
– Lizzie Spellman

Cynthia Simms, the Ditzy Valley Girl
– Emily Davis

Skylar Dorsey, the Passionate Dancer
– Caitlin Weigel


Bill Hines, the Clueless Principal
– Kevin Regan

Bitsy Rosencrantz, the Eccentric Secretary
– Alli Soowal

“Rigs” Roger Ignatius Givens, the Hothead Coach
– Eoin O’Shea