NULL Slasher: An Improvised Horror Show - Figment Theater

Slasher: An Improvised Horror Show


The slasher movie may be the most reviled and controversial of horror’s subgenres, but a dedicated and passionate fan base has also made it easily its most successful. This October, Figment Theater pays homage to these campy and gory horror films of the 70′s & 80′s with Slasher, a live full-scale improvised production complete with homicidal monsters, unwitting victims and buckets upon buckets of fake blood! Isolated locations, dark basements, creaky attics, winding hallways… no place is safe and no occasion sacred when an audience member spins the Wheel of Doom and decides our victims’ fates. Each night explores a new original killer and their playground of horrors. Brave audience members can immerse themselves right in the bloody kill zone, while the more faint of heart can sit in safety behind the protective wall, safe from splatter and the killer’s grasp.

WARNING: Slasher contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Improvised content may contain strong language, violence, realistic gore, simulated amputation, drug use, adult themes, sexual situations, nudity and psychological phobias combined with startling action and music sequences. Slasher is intended for mature audiences only, and discretion is advised.

Tickets for Thu, 10/17 @ 8:30PM